Little things for beer

Potato chips
299 р.
Own cooking.
100 gr

Onion rings
329 р.
Flavored onion rings, fired until crisp.
150 gr

Sunflower seeds
99 р.
Seeds, marinated in Czech Stargorod Beer for special flavour and taste/
50 gr

Dried crust for beer
299 р.
Classic wound crackers with garlic.
180 gr

Crispy pork ears
399 р.
200 gr

499 р.
Cheese? fried in coating until golden color, as its done in the Czech Republic. Iy is good with beer, if You don't want meat.
200 gr

Cripsy pork pieces
389 р.
Pork-loin pieces fried until crisp.
160 gr

499 р.
Juicy, sweet to the taste, it is good both hot and cold.
100 gr