Special Stargorod's dishes

Pork knee
2199 р.
Chef's speciality! The selected pork knuckle is prepared according to Czech and German recipe: it is specially pickled during the day, is cookied at various temperatures and bakek until crisp. The dish is for real gourmets of Beer. It is served on special trivet.
1 pc

Crispy Pork knee
2199 р.
the Andechs Abbey is known as the beer abbey,since 1455 monks have served the pork knuckle with their unique barley beer. The pork knuckle is prepared according to ancient German repice, with is known only to Andechs Abbey's monks and the chef of "Stargorod Restaurant".
1 pc

Czech goulash
629 р.
Traditional Czech meal with beef. It is served with Carlsbad knedl
280 gr

Checken with grill vegetables
529 р.
Grilled chicken fillet, servtd with grill vegatables (aubergine,tomato,onion and bell pepper)
150 gr

Beer set
2229 р.
Uhique opportunity to taste beer set. it includes sausages, wings, smoked hot cheese, ribs with potatoes and toasts
1500 gr

Stargorod's ribs
1799 р.
Pork ribs, pickled in herb, baked until crisp. They are served with baked potatoes under salted butter
900 gr

Stargorod's frying pan (for a big company)
2499 р.
Pork fillet marinated in onion and bacon, Munich sausages, a quarter of a duck, potato, baked with mushrooms
2300 gr

special duck, half
1499 р.
Half of a home duck, baked until crisp. It is served with cabbase and knedliky
1 pc