Greek salad
449 р.
With Feta cheese, on fresh vegetables with olives, olive oil and balsamic vinegar
320 gr

369 р.
Traditional "Soviet salad".
260 gr

Peasant salad
349 р.
Tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper and Crimean onion (dressed with oil or sour cream, according your choice).
300 gr

Salad with salmon
549 р.
Slightly salted salmon own cooking cut into delicious slices with fresh cucumber and crispe lettuce.
260 gr

539 р.
Classic salad in the Czech manner with the addition of pieces of fried chicken, seasoned with special suace.
400 gr

salad with seafood
579 р.
shrimp, squid, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, olives, seasoned with anchovy sauce
300 gr

Salad with avocado and tiger prawns. Чеш-Salát s avokádem a tygřími krevetami
589 р.
avocado, tiger prawns, Romano lettuce, cherry tomatoes, lime oil, sesame seeds.
220 gr

Salad with crispy eggplant
light salad with tomato, eggplant, cottage cheese and sweet chili sauce
260 gr